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April 10, 2009

KDE 4.2 and Amarok 1.4 Multimedia Keys

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I just figured out something that has been plaguing me for about a week, so I figured I’d write a quick post about it.

I’d been using Amarok 2 lately because it’s integrated into KDE 4.2 fairly well. When I tried upgrading to 2.0.2, however, I had major issues with compilation, and then with databasing when it was finally compiled. That, coupled with the lack of an equalizer and other Amarok 1.4 features, convinced me to downgrade to Amarok 1.4 (which is in the Arch Linux repositories).

As previously mentioned, Amarok 2 had pretty good interfacing with KDE 4.2, including being able to use the KDE Control Menu’s Global Shortcuts. It was easy to set up my multimedia keys (play/pause, stop, next, previous) to work with Amarok 2. But after downgrading to 1.4 I lost that ability.

The solution is to open Amarok 1.4. Under settings, there is an option to configure global shortcuts. Just configure play/pause, etc., to your media keys and voila! It works great, even under KDE 4.2.


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