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September 29, 2009

Now At Purdue University

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Well, it’s been a while, and I’ve got a few posts drafted up but haven’t actually had the energy to finish them up. A few updates:

  1. Rachel and I moved out to Lafayette, IN and I’m now attending Purdue University as a grad student in mathematics. I’m taking two courses, real analysis and abstract algebra, as well as teaching calculus recitations (MATH 165 in particular)
  2. I’ve gotten a used XV6800 from Verizon and have been playing with it for the past few months. I’ve gotten things worked out so that it doesn’t try to access the data network unless it’s trying to send out a MMS message. I started typing up a post about it since it was kind of difficult to get things running how I wanted, and I’ll post this draft sometime if I ever finish it
  3. Group theory is much, much more difficult in grad school than it was as an undergrad. I’ve got a draft on a really interesting homework problem involving group actions that I’ll post when I finish it
  4. I’ve switched my Desktop Environment from KDE to Gnome. Crazy, I know. I just got tired of KDE releasing crappy 4.x versions and decided to go with something stable but yet not neglected (I still like KDE 3.5.x…but unfortunately it seems to have been abandoned…) I’ve got a draft on how the switch is going so far that might get posted sometime

I’m getting ready for an exam shortly, so I should get back to work. Later!


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