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May 28, 2008

Auto Gordian-Knot v2.40 in Wine 0.9.59

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I’ve had some trouble in the past getting AutoGK running in Wine on Kubuntu, but it had been a while since I tried so I decided to give it a go again to see how much Wine has progressed.

The Wine HQ profile for AutoGK claims that version 2.40 runs fine on Wine 0.9.53, so I went ahead downloaded it from AfterDawn after some searching. It installed just fine, and I downloaded the DLL files suggested by this site (it’s in German but is basic enough to be able to make out). Even after doing this I was having problems – as soon as I started it, I got the errors below:

installation is corrupted. please reinstall the application

followed by,

\home\name\history.txt". file not found

After these errors it would start, but every time I tried to open an IFO file, it told me that it was unable to parse, and if I opened a VOB directly, it said it was an invalid stream.

Just by chance, I cd’d to the Wine directory where wine installed it to check out the files in the directory. After poking about for a bit, I tried one last time…and it started just fine!

Not sure what I did, I went ahead and added it to my dock (using a hi-res icon found here). I went about encoding a DVD file that I had ripped using DVDFab (which works beautifully right away in Wine!) and watched it afterwards in Kaffeine. Satisfied, I decided to encode some more.

But starting the launcher from my dock, I got the same errors as before. Confused, I tried poking around my winecfg settings and got nothing. I decided to run the program in the same setting as before, so I cd’d again to the install directory and ran it from there. It worked again! It seems that, for whatever reason, running AutoGK in Wine requires that you be in the install directory.

I wrote a very simple bash script to put on my dock icon.

cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/AutoGK
wine "C:\Program Files\AutoGK\AutoGK.exe"

Save this to any directory you’d like and chmod it to 755 so that it is executable. Then run it any time you want!

If this was helpful, please drop me a line through e-mail or a comment.

UPDATE: To install AutoGK, you have to use a virtual desktop in your winecfg settings. Once you’re done installing you can remove the virtual desktop.


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