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May 24, 2008

LaTeX Tests

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So I just imported my (few) files from Blogger.com because I was unhappy with how it handled math equations. I did some research and found out that WordPress handles them natively with \LaTeX, so I was quick to switch since I’ll probably be using mathematics quite a bit.

For example, did you know that if, for a function f of one variable,

|f(x)-f(y)| \le (x-y)^2

implies that f is actually a constant function?

The geodesic equation that test particles follow in a given metric is

\displaystyle\frac{du^\alpha}{d\tau}=\Gamma^\alpha_{\beta\gamma}u^\beta u^\gamma,

where the Christoffel symbols \Gamma^\alpha_{\beta\gamma} are given by

\displaystyle\Gamma^\alpha_{\beta\gamma}=\frac{1}{2} g^{\alpha\epsilon}\left(\frac{\partial g_{\alpha\epsilon}}{\partial x^\beta}+\frac{\partial g_{\beta\epsilon}}{\partial x^\alpha}-\frac{\partial g_{\alpha\beta}}{\partial x^\epsilon}\right).

There are a few things missing such as equation arrays, but I’ve been able to figure out how to emulate such things using arrays. For example, in a commutative ring R with elements a and b,

\begin{array}{rcl}\displaystyle(a+b)^2&\displaystyle=&\displaystyle a^2+ab+ba+b^2\vspace{0.3 cm}\\&\displaystyle=&\displaystyle a^2+2ab+b^2.\end{array}

Overall, some things are a bit annoying, but it’s definitely workable!



  1. One question:

    Do you writte first the text in LaTex and then you copy-paste in WP or you can do it somehow into the WP environment?

    Comment by Λαυρέντης — September 25, 2008 @ 10:42 am

  2. Thanks anyway. I found a solution.

    Comment by Λαυρέντης — September 25, 2008 @ 10:56 am

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